This is our story...

A story of Love, Tragedy, Faith, and Triumph...

8 years ago, their lives were turned upside down when her husband, Derek, fell ill.

Their journey led them on a road of great loss, disappointment, and frustration that led them to ultimate humility. On the verge of bankruptcy due to medical bills and loss of income, all they had left was faith.

That’s when they realized, faith was all they needed.

Faith allowed them to think outside the box and focus on what they could control.

Change what needed to be changed and have the courage, grit, and relentless spirit to become pioneers.

They sold almost everything, lived full time out of a camper, and traveled across the country so her husband could undergo 2 brain surgeries.

Instead of being swallowed in bitterness and anger, they rose up.

Her gutsy spirit literally took another leap of faith and during the most challenging times in their life, started a new business.

From rags to blessings, she has built a successful multi-million dollar business serving others in just 2 years.

It was through the journey of living through an ultra rare disease that they stepped into an “Ultra Rare Life!!”

Now she intends to pay it forward by serving others to let go of what is holding them back, and step into abundance by becoming their own version of a pioneer and step into their own “Ultra Rare Life!”

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